Interesting Research on Extinguishers - What You Didn't Know

Want to Put Out a Fire Appropriately? Use a Foam Fire Extinguisher! When we encounter things that is slowly swallowed by fire, the common thought and action we do is putting off the fire as fast as we could. And, since water is the most common medium in putting off fire, our notion is to put water on everything that catches fire. Yes, this idea of using water substance may be effective, but it can also be ineffective causing into greater damage and risk if applied to anything other than organic materials. Note, there are cases that water is an inappropriate substance in putting off fire. This is true in cases when your frying pan of oil burns into flames or when you suddenly experience short circuits with your computer causing flames to start. Applying and using water in these instances can be so much harmful and despite of saving your things, it may just result of losing more property. Ideally, water can be a perfect substance in putting out fire when it caused by papers, dried leaves, woods, garbage, and other simple combustible things. However, there are different kinds of fire that made it not wise to purchase a single device that will only be used to put out one kind of fire. Since there can be different fire causing materials, a device that has multiple uses such as foam fire extinguishers are designed to put out fire of different kinds. Foam Fire Extinguishers are created with two different types. It's either mechanical or chemical.
Valuable Lessons I've Learned About Extinguishers
Generally, inventors designed and created different kinds of fire extinguishers to fight against a specific class of fire. However, since there are additives of the substances used to create fire extinguisher, the chemicals present in it makes the device of multiple use, thus it can be used in a wider coverage. This what makes foam fire extinguisher a more practical device for home and traveling use.
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In the chemical type of foam fire extinguishers, the foam is made up of sodium bicarbonate and aluminum sulfate, that will later form into a foam and bubbles of carbon dioxide when mixed together. A stabilizing agent such as liquorice makes up the bubbles too. Depriving oxygen into the burning object is how the chemical type of foam fire extinguisher works. And, this device seals the surface preventing fire from re-igniting. This type of foam fire extinguisher just work like the pressurized water, only it guarantees to safely put off fire from petrol, oil, and other combustible liquids. In the mechanical type, a compound liquid foam made up this type. The combination of water and air build the foam, that happens when the two pass through the foam generator. With its components, it is necessary to cool down the temperature of the burned materials. The mechanical type also holds the water in a protective layer and denies the power of fire, thus it cannot be overpowered by the fuels of fire.