Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography Services FAQ's

Aerial Photography is the art of taking photos from the sky. Aerial Videography likewise, is the art of taking video from the sky. Both have their uses and are most commonly used for such things like Real Estate and home showcasing, Construction and Developer use. Advertising for large landscapes such as golf courses and wineries, Art and more.

The beauty of aerial photography and aerial videography is that it comes from a perspective that most individuals don't commonly see the world, from the sky. Aerial Photography and Videography is great for aerial surveying on specific grounds and for looking at the world in different perspectives.

There are four main types of aerial photography and aerial videography:

1. Balloon Aerial Photography and video - This method uses large balloons in conjunction with mounted cameras. This method is neighbor friendly and quiet, however much more time consuming and much less accuracy than other methods. Balloon photography is also good for low-altitude aerial photography

2. Kite Aerial Photography and Video - Like the names suggests, kite arial photography uses kites and cameras to photography pictures from the sky. Like Balloon aerial photography, this method is quiet and neighbor friendly, but may lack in accuracy.

3. Helicopter Manned Aerial Photography - This method uses manned helicopters for taking photos. This method is laser accurate and produces the best photos from larger distance. This method isn't good however, for low-altitude photography, is much more expensive and very loud. If you are a real estate agent, this probably wouldn't be a first choice.

4. RC Unmanned Helicopter Aerial Photography - This method uses unmanned remote controlled helicopters to take aerial shots. This method is great for low altitude aerial photography and is as cost-effective as it is quiet. Unmanned RC Helicopter Aerial Photography is extremely accurate and has the ability to take great shots of landscapes, real estate, business properties and survey sites. It is also much more affordable than manned, full-sized helicopters. RC Helicopter aerial photography, is probably the most versatile form of aerial photography and aerial videography available.

Finding a great aerial photographer and videographer takes some work. It is important to do your research and as well as it is important to know the different kinds of aerial photography. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type can help you determine which type of Aerial photography and aerial videography is right for you. Also consider the terrain in which you need photographs of or if you need low-altitude shots or if you are in a neighborhood that requires a quiet atmosphere.