Lessons Learned About Cemeteries

6 Steps Of Graveyard Preservation

Cemeteries or graveyards are a place where our dead physical body rests forever. With this, it also becomes a place for relatives and other loved ones that have been left to visit or commemorate the person they have lost. When talking about the topic of graveyard preservation, two of the most important factors in maintenance is landscaping and mowing. A peaceful and serene place for mourners as they visit is what it creates, which is the reason why it is important.

If you find that mowing your own lawn is already difficult, what more if you are going to perform landscaping on a huge land like cemeteries? Basically, one of the leading challenges when it regards to graveyard preservation is careless mowing. The reason here is that it may possibly damage the granite tombs, marble and headstones at the same time. The steps listed below are very important especially when performing landscaping and maintenance to the graveyard.

Step 1: ask first the owner of the cemetery to know when the best time it would be to landscape. Most of the time, different operators have different needs. However, majority of these owners will enable the maintenance of lawn during the time when it is closed to public.

Step 2: by adjusting the wheel height of your mower, you can find the perfect fit to the cemetery's grass. A rule of thumb for mowing inside the cemetery is to simply adjust the wheels to not more than a third of the height of the lawn when cut. If you want to determine the most ideal height when mowing, it would be beneficial to refer on the accompanying charts for different types and styles of grass.

Step 3: when mowing inside the cemetery, a push mower will already do as this provide the best control when performing graveyard preservation as this provides the mower better control. When mowing, it is important to maintain a distance of a minimum 1 foot from the entire grave markers.

Step 4: ensuring that the bumper guard on the mower is securely attached to the mower's body must not be overlooked.

Step 5: when it comes to mowing near stone pathways or gravel, added care is very important especially if these are present in the cemetery. In the event that this would not be given enough consideration, it may possibly throw rocks on the headstones and make it to have chips.

Step 6: if you are about to cut weeds and grass in the cemetery, using lawn trimmers will be very important. But be very careful as you make use of trimmers. As much as possible, make use of the lightest nylon string you could in trimmers.

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