Homeschool Curriculum Review - Fundamentals Of Photography

Course Review - Fundamentals of Photography

If you have an interest in taking a Digital Photography 101 course, you are sure to benefit from the Fundamentals of Photography course offered at It is a known fact that photographs are considered to be exceptionally dramatic messages and personal statements. Once a picture is taken, it has the potential to last for an exceptionally long time, even forever. Photographs have numerous abilities. Those taken the right way have the potential to capture emotions of those that view them, have the ability to transport a person mentally to a specific place or time in history, freeze certain memories and moments in time, and bring out the beauty of a person, place or thing. Throughout history, many photographs that have been taken have literally brought positive changes to the world. While it is true that amateur photography has the ability to accomplish all of this randomly, it is also true that individuals that elect to take a Digital Photography 101 course, such as the Fundamentals of Photography, have the ability to capture the true essence of a moment on a continuous basis. As a participant in the class, I would like to share my review of the Fundamentals of Photography course with you. This review is for those that are seasoned in photography and for those that are interested in getting started in photography.

What is Fundamentals of Photography?

In order to understand the benefits of this Digital Photography 101 course and appreciate the features of the program, it is important to learn a few basics about the course itself. This course is designed for both the new and advanced-level photographer. The individual that created the course has well over 30 years of experience in the field of photography. It includes 24 unique lectures that express how a photograph truly works and how you may take a photograph and transform them into a picture that will accomplish the goals that you have in mind. It is a course that shares the true secrets behind Digital Photography 101. It shares tips, techniques and steps that were once known only to the best of the best in the photography world. It explains how photography is more than simply taking pictures. It is a craft. It is an art. Once you take this Digital Photography 101 course, your mind will shift from seeing a photograph as a mere picture to seeing it as a well-designed artistic masterpiece. You will learn how to capture and/or create the perfect lighting for your shot, how to develop the perfect visual composition and how to create a thought-provoking perspective with every picture that you take. Fundamentals of Photography is more than just basic information. It steps outside the realm that so many photographers are in and teaches you how to become a master of your camera with high-quality, comprehensive steps and solutions.

The Features

There are numerous features associated with this Digital Photography 101 course that you will find highly appealing. I especially enjoyed the following:

• The course explains each of the features that are part of the camera and how you may use those features in order to maximize the images that you photograph. You will learn the importance of shutter speed, critical information pertaining to aperture, and how to appropriately adjust and maximize the potential of your lenses in order to capture moments and emotions.

• The Digital Photography 101 course explains - in detail - many of the tricks that are utilized by professional photographers. Examples include how to enhance details in low lighting on your subjects, how to create blur and motion effects, and how to bring out the power of your subject by adjusting the angle and lighting that you utilize.

• There are many types of photography that individuals enjoy taking. These include pictures of various landscapes, scenes from the wild, special events and occasions and people. This Digital Photography 101 course will teach you about each type of photography and how to correctly photograph each type.

• In the Fundamentals of Photography course, you will learn how to successfully research your picture before taking it, creating professional photo shoots and sessions, and how to create special works of art, such as photo essays.

• The Digital Photography 101 course is more than just a manual. When teaching you the skills and concepts that are necessary to be a successful photographer, it places you in the field so that you may acquire the hands-on experience that you need to be exceptionally successful in your photographic endeavors.


As an amateur photographer, I gained a lot of insight into the world of photography by taking this Digital Photography 101 course. I found this to be surprising. Most photography courses I have taken have simply expounded on that which I was already aware of. It is rare to find such a comprehensive program that I actually learned quite a bit. The only downside to the course that I can see is that it does cover an extensive amount of information. If you truly want to succeed when you take it, it is important that you cover each component of information contained in it. This may prove to be a bit time consuming when juggling work, and other responsibilities. However, with the knowledge that I have acquired, I have found it to be well worth the time. If you are serious about becoming a photography expert, the Digital Photography 101 course, Fundamentals of Photography, is a must-have!