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Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing a Boat Prop Boats, like all modes of transportation, do not run continuously without requiring periodic repairs. Regardless of if you bought a used boat recently or you have merely had yours for several years, you will eventually need to invest in new boat propellers. If you are preparing to go shopping for boat props for the very first time, the odds are good that you have no idea what style you should be searching for. The information in this article will function as a guidebook! There are several factors you have to consider when you go shopping for boat propellers. These are detailed in the next section of this article. If you still have questions about which boat props you should purchase when you reach the end of this article, make sure you have a conversation with an employee in a boating accessories store. These staff members have been taught to deal with customers who are new to boating. The RPM of Your Boat's Motor is Key
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Certain boat propellers are designed to work in conjunction with specific motors. You should have no trouble finding your boat motor's RPM on the piece itself or in the guidebook that came with the watercraft; if you simply can't locate this detail, search for it on the web. As a general rule, four-stroke motors have an RPM on about 6,000 and two-stroke motors have an RPM of about 5,500. Make sure you choose boat props that correspond to whatever your motor's RPM is.
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What Are the Boat's Features? Whenever you start looking into a specific boat propeller, you need to realize that it has been crafted to be installed on a particular type of seafaring vehicle. If, for instance, your boat does not go quickly when it is on the water, you should look into high-pitched boat prop options. This will help your watercraft move through the water more expediently. If, though, you are the proud owner of a speedboat, you might want to look at investing in a low-pitched propellor; a professional can answer any inquiries you may want to make regarding this subject. What Number of Blades Do I Need to Look For on a Boat Prop? You will find that most of the boat propellers you look at feature three or four blades. If you are hoping to make your watercraft go more quickly than it does right now, a three blade boat prop is probably the best choice. If, alternately, you are simply hoping to make your boat less challenging to drive, you should purchase a four blade propeller. Picking Between Steel and Aluminum You will have the ability to choose between steel boat propellers and aluminum ones. While aluminum models tend to be cheaper, steel styles are designed to last longer; the choice truly depends upon your priorities.