How martial arts helped me

An advantage that I can see about learning martial arts is that you get discipline since martial arts require you to follow a strict code wherein the only way you will get better is by constant practice and adhering to the principles behind the martial art. I used to be someone without discipline, leading to a whole lot of problems like being overweight, personality issues, and even in terms of work since I am tardy most of the time.

Things Changed When I Started Training
But things started to change when one day my roommate left me all of his martial arts training equipment and he moved abroad leaving me with all these things I don’t know how to use or even how to dispose of. So what I did was to try using some of them, and slowly little by little my interest in martial arts was piqued. Soon enough I was enrolling in a martial arts class so that I can further find uses for the martial arts equipment in my house, and over time, I really changed. I started waking up early in the morning so that I can exercise and do some martial art related exercise or even jog.Now I went and ordered my own sparring gear at‎. It wasn't too expensive. A full set only cost me about $90.

My Focus and Discipline Increased
My discipline was improving and my tardiness almost disappeared which impressed even my boss. Soon enough, I was much more tolerable of a lot of things, as if I was at peace with my own self, and I realized that martial arts helped me achieve a form of inner peace, much like yoga does. It was really impressive and surprising for me at the same time that I felt like a really changed person now as compared to what I was more than a year ago. The martial arts equipment left to me became a blessing in disguise for me to change for the better.