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SEO--Keep the Top Brands on the Top of the Results

The first page of any online search results are the only page that customers will ever really see and companies that don't make that page are nothing more than figments of their own imagination. The hundreds of thousands of results from each search are a great way for the search site to brag but no one actually combs through all four hundred and twenty seven thousand links. Most often, customers will look through the first page and maybe the second--if they don't find what they're looking for they modify the search criteria and try again. It can be a devastating fact to face for those poor, unnoticed companies on the third page of the search results for their main keyword.

Luxury brands are not immune to the perils of search engine placement. Do they need to worry about where they appear in the search results when everyone over the age of five knows their name? With online shopping at an all-time high, consumers are heading to the Internet to look for deals and there always seems to be a reseller or export company that can offer the big brands at a big discount. Finding top-of-the-line products at mid-range prices are what drives online shoppers to search for luxury brands in the first place.

Between the knock-off products that don't live up to the name brand standard and resellers that aren't quick to offer quality customer service, these online deals can cause a problem for the actual company. If the first page of links in the search results take customers to a reseller's online store rather than the actual company site, that company isn't getting the business or the traffic that they should even though customers are still flocking to their brand. Sadly, the mistakes of those smaller companies often end up reflecting badly on the brand name itself in the process.

Search Engine Optimization, the magic bullet that often shoots those off-shoot companies to the top of the list, works for luxury companies, too. Often, large corporate websites are full of flash content, videos and other media that looks amazing on the page but is invisible to search engines. The search engine looks for keywords and tags and sees the graphics as empty squares of space, thus knocking a well-designed website a peg below the wordy off-shoot because that smaller site used the tools more effectively. Professional SEO designers can help companies keep their customer-friendly site and add the necessary keywords and tags to make it search-engine-friendly, too.

Luxury brands actually have more to worry about than their lesser-known counterparts. Keeping their reputation intact both on and off line is a key component to making sure a well-known brand name stays that way, and that can be hard to do with difficult economic times resulting in both a drop in sales and a rise in imitations and deal-mongers. Making sure customers get the real deal by sending them to the top brand name directly is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for.

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